Commercial and industrial solutions

Culligan Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Products feature state-of-the-art technology to help your business save time and money.
Our engineers have the expertise to develop the best water treatment solution for your business, and our experienced service technicians have the training to keep it running at peak efficiency for years to come. Say goodbye to excessive equipment maintenance, low flow rates and high operating costs with Culligan Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Products!
We are the best choice when it comes to water treatment for manufacturing plants, laboratories, healthcare facilities, breweries and even golf courses, because we have the ability to construct custom sea cans.
These structures contain a combination of water filters, reverse osmosis systems and softeners. And they can be hooked up to existing plumbing after hauling them to your site completely built.
When your water needs to be at its purest, our deionized water treatment has you covered. We can electronically deionize water to the microme level, making it even more effective than reverse osmosis.
In addition to this state-of-the-art technology, our service technicians have the training to keep your systems running at peak efficiency for years to come.
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The Culligan advantage
100% Guarantee
100% Guarantee
Custom water solutions
Local water experts
Local water experts
Custom water solutions
85+ years
85+ years

Local dealerships with global oversight

Our global network, comprised of more than 810 dealers with international offices in 91 countries, is dedicated to solving any and all water-related problems.
As the unrivalled worldwide leader in water treatment, our sales representatives and service technicians are experienced professionals, uniquely qualified to understand and treat water conditions in your area. Local dealerships with global oversight ensure that no one is better equipped than Culligan to deliver customized solutions to any water issues that affect your business and your bottom line.

Does your business need better water?

Save time, money and your equipment with Culligan Commercial.

Let our engineers develop the right water treatment solution for you.
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